December 27-29, 2023 - Jabalpur MP

Organised By:

Host: Jabalpur Local Centre, IEI



Eight Memorial Lectures have been instituted by IEI in memory of the outstanding Engineers. These lectures form an important part of the Congress.

  • The 66th Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya Memorial Lecture
  • The 45th Sir Rajendra Nath Mookerjee Memorial Lecture
  • The 36th Dr Ajudhia Nath Khosla Memorial Lecture
  • The 58th Nidhu Bhushan Memorial Lecture
  • The 49th Bhaikaka Memorial Lecture
  • The 32nd Dr Amitabha Bhattacharyya Memorial Lecture
  • The 13th Prof C S Jha Memorial Lecture
  • The 9th Dr K L Rao Memorial Lecture

The success stories and achievements of engineering personalities will be presented in the Congress followed by felicitation. The Indian Engineering Congress offers a unique opportunity to the budding engineers to listen to the experts/veterans from industries, research institutions and institutions of higher academic excellence, narrating their experience in tackling various engineering problems of complex nature during their professional career.


The benchmarks created by the industries in India have included productivity, quality, safety and performance assurance thereby giving India the rightful place in the global markets. Realizing that such industries can provide the leadership to a large number of other industries in the country, the IEI Industry Excellence Awards were instituted in the year 2008, so as to recognize industry leaders for their innovations, excellence in engineering operations and thereby enable them to lead their industry in a competitive manner. 

Industry excellence award will also be given away to the selected industry/organizations during Indian Engineering Congress.

The Institution of Engineers (India) over the past 100 years has established its rich legacy towards the cause of promotion and advancement of the science, practice and business of Engineering through a multitude of activities. The number of academic institutions offering a degree or equivalent program in engineering/ technology has grown up significantly over the last few years. There is a need to identify the leading Engineering Educational Institutions for others to provide better and effective engineering education to the seekers. In view of the above, it has been decided to institute ‘Engineering Education Excellence Award 2023’ with the prime objective of recognizing the best Educational Institutions in the field of engineering & technology across the country. The award will be given away during the 38th Indian Engineering Congress

Indian engineers and technologists have played a significant role in the advancement of engineering practice within and outside the country. The IEI also welcomes Engineers and Technologists from foreign countries to participate in the Congress and share the global best practices. Besides, the members of international bodies with whom IEI has bilateral relations will be invited to attend the Engineering Congress.

The Indian Engineering Congress provides an opportunity for IEI Alumni/Alumna for a reunion with their counterparts and is also expected to play a mentors role for the younger generation.

IEI recognizes the role being played and contributions being made by women engineers and provides an opportunity in the Congress for women engineers
to network and participate in the deliberations. 

The achievements of contribution at research level as well as societal developmental process are being recognized through several categories of Prizes and Awards given away by the Institution.

A technical Exhibition is being organized to provide ample opportunity to show case industry products from all engineering fields to Stakeholders attending the Congress.


Engineers from all sectors – state and central govt., public enterprises, industries and services

  • Academia – Student, Faculty and Management
  • Research – Scientists and Engineers from all segments of R & D establishments – Defense, aerospace, Industrial R&D
  • Corporate members of IEI, Technician student members of IEI International participation
  • Members from other Engineering Professional bodies.


  • Stay Current: Gain insights into the latest developments in your discipline. 
  • Future-Ready: Understand challenges and solutions in futuristic technology.
  • Career Trends: Identify emerging career paths in engineering and technology.
  • Collaborate: Build partnerships and explore collaboration opportunities.
  • Networking: Expand your knowledge network with experts and peers.
  • Marvel at Innovation: Experience engineering marvels at the Technical Exhibition.